Arctic! Arctic! Arctic!
Hello dear Patrons! 

If you're following Threshold on Facebook, Insta and the like, you've already had some hints of what I'm about to tell you. (Plus that headline kind of gives it away.) 

I'm spending the summer in the Arctic, reporting for season two! 

More coming soon on the why and what and who and when of all this. What I wanted to say briefly right now is:  

 1 - this is happening   

2 - and it's happening because of you  

I'm sorry I've been so out of touch. Reporting, traveling, writing grants, pitching sponsors, learning how to count to ten in Swedish: it's been busy. In the toss and tumble and excitement of it all, I didn't want to delay saying the most important thing of all to all of you: thank you! Your support is truly crucial here. 

More soon! 

~ Amy 

P.S. The picture above is of a walrus I met (from a distance) in Svalbard, Norway.