ArdSimX Plugin v1.9
Closely following the update to the Configurator, a new version of ArdSimX Plugin has been released.

See the changelog for the new version here.

Note that NAVAIDs output will not work until a new version of the Library is released.

Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per month
$1 or more per month
Thanks for your appreciation of our contribution to the cockpits builder community!  We hope what we are doing is helping you in your hobby.
Pledge $3 or more per month
$3 or more per month
Thank you for donating, any help lets us spend more time to keep our projects going and updated.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about using SimVim projects, we'll glad to make all we can to get your home cockpit working as you need to. 
Pledge $10 or more
$10 or more per month
We are greatly appreciate your support that is very important for us! You can acquire help in customization of your cockpit project, such as getting advices for using specific input/output devices or specific plane configuration. 

If you will need an altered version of one of the available panels, we will make some customization, such as rearranging gauges, replacing some instruments with another ones, or adapting the panel for a different LCD size.

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