Are Free-Living Animals Pertinent to Vegan Groups?
The leaves are turning in the northern hemisphere, and, once again, deer will be society's targets.  Defending deer is important not just for "single issue" deer-advocacy groups, but as an issue for vegan groups, with a context that identifies deer as communities within larger bio-communities. Deer don't live in a vacuum. The idea that we'll effectively shoot their populations down or "humanely" control their numbers through chemistry misses the reality of who they are on this Earth, and the other communities interacting with them on nature's terms. 

I am working on a brief (1200-word max) piece. The concept is Defending Deer and Others: Veganism’s Case for Letting Nature Work.  Objective: Internet publication in September, for a largely vegan audience. As soon as I know the writing has been accepted, I'll announce the forthcoming piece here first. Photo credit: Jeff Houdret