Are you a writer? ... Then write
Good morning from sunny LA. Still brisk in the mornings as well in the night. This is one of my favorite times of the year. When long sleeves blend well with shorts and a wind breaker is all you really need to stay comfy. The time of year were all I require is this members only jacket that I currently have on  and a smile (smiles don't truly go a long way in LA but I will keep smiling and hoping my enthusiasm does not come off as some sort of perverted attempt at persuasion). Lately I have been pondering the welcoming nature of my face. Is it actually as welcoming as I think it is or do I look like a hairy version of a California Raisin ready to jump you in an alley behind Trader Joe's. 

This (kind of) brings me to the point of this blog entry. I am not the smartest person I know. When it comes to writing I have the vocabulary of a 6th grader and my spelling is on par with my 7 month old nephew (I actually looked up the word "Raisin" and it still does not look correct to me.)

My grammar straight up sucks to the point that I will not use social media dating apps or websites due to the ever crippling contraction  "You're". This word has kept me from getting anywhere with anyone when it comes to new fangled text oriented dating systems.

 Example: (after a dating match on Bumble or Tinder)

Me: "YOUR the most beautiful women I have ever met on this app!

 (slight exaggeration  and I would probably never say that on a first encounter but for examples sake)

Her Response: "Awe, that's so sweet but YOU'RE definitely not getting laid tonight."

Apparently spelling is sexy and I had no clue until Bumble crushed my dreams. So I have to meet women the old fashion way. I pay for them.

Just kidding ,but spelling has definitely  put a kink in my dating life so I recently just stopped dating and hope to be hit by a car in front of the girl of my dreams house and her family brings me in to care for me then I kiss her at the school dance and hope she is not my mom so I don't disappear from existence forever .. .wait I think that's the plot to "Back to the Future."

Listen, my lack of love making is not my focus this morning rather I'm not letting my spelling, slow typing skills, bad grammar, lack of punctuation knowledge or my excessive use of spell check keep me from proclaiming myself a writer (add in there run on sentences.) My college graduate friends may disagree but no one really ever has to my face. I have been told I am not a musician, I am no a magician, I am not a dancer, I am not a juggler, I am not just not good for that matter but no one has ever told me that I am not a writer. Even when I tell my manager I am not a writer she responds with "Ok, well start writing MORE then."

That's the secret beautiful people! 

"Write like a mother fucker!" ~ Cheryl Strayed author of "Wild"

I believe in the idea that being bad at something is only a slight setback. As well, there is  freedom in the decision that I am ok with being bad at anything I try. Well except board games. I really AM bad at them and it effects me every time I play them. Thats why tonight I am going to play a board game. To be ok with being bad at it. Did I mention I don't really care for them and never had a real joy when friends called me over for "Cards against humanity night!" The light switch in my head goes dimmer than it already is and I tend to tune out.

Anyway, my point is if you want to write just write. Who gives a shit!! At first no one at all will except you! Especially if you are the only one seeing it. Sometimes we can be the biggest critic and stunt our growth all due to the fact that we don't think it (we) is good enough.  "F" that noise and dance with your mind. I'm telling you that YOU are worth it and may just surprise yourself.

Art is subjective at the very least and not everyone was meant to "get it" or "get YOU" for that matter. 

"True art divides it's audience" ~ Rick Ruben 

Wether this quote is true or not it resinated with me and hangs from my fridge on a scribbled on note card to remind me every time I reach for Almond milk. You can't please everyone (This is a definite fact. Even Gandhi was an asshole to some.) So are you pleasing yourself by expressing? How does it make you feel? Would you like to share your expression? Is it something you always wanted to do. To let go of the thought's and ideas in that beautifully complicated brain of your's by writing them down?

This is the opportunity I would like to share with you my Patreon friends. As you may tell by now I am not even that good at Patreon and I feel like shutting it down all the time because I'm not as good at it as Ernie Halter (who is a good friend who I admire and one of the dudes that inspired me to start this page) I think I have around 11 patrons and I am offering this to all 11 of you. 

I am offering this a  safe space to anonymously or non anonymously post your poems, blogs or train of thought. Type something and send it over in a private message and if you would like me to post it I will. If you just want to send it to me to read and not post I am happy to do that as well. Not to judge or critic but rather to read and enjoy your process. To be ok with sharing your expression of life's experience with us a small group of seekers that made it here to this platform. 

This is a small group of people and a safe space to explore your minds intent. I will make all the submissions private to ONLY my Patreon subscribers.  This page is not just about me making an extra hundred bucks a month. I see that now. It's a place to be an expressionist and I am not the only one here that does just that. So if you would like to share wether it be with just me or with the group lets start to treat this like a writers, Photographers, videographers, poets and musicians expression station. 

I made 7 albums that I have released under the name Bushwalla and most of those songs came from a Song game where every week I submitted a song. Bad or Good that was not the point. The action was the the importance of the exercise. It's a numbers game and ever once in a while something incredible happens that you had no idea was possible.

Are you up to it? Remember you only have support here and can remain anonymous. What have you got to lose? You already spell better than I do.

Have a great rest of your day.

Slow down


and notice things