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Argument From Design - Part 1
Great news! The first video for September is live for Patrons. I hope to post a status update video soon, but I'll include a brief status here... I'm heading to Fargo, ND this weekend for a convention and I'll be heading to Omaha, the following weekend, and Nacogdoches the weekend after that...and then a week in Nevada and California: September is going to be a gloriously busy month! This is Part 1 of the Argument from Design video. If there are specific points that you think were missed (and I've already listed quite a few), feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to include them in Part 2. On the schedule for September's videos: Argument From Design, Part 1 (DONE!) Debate Retrospective, Sye Part 1 (In the works) Interview - Either Greta Christina or Hemant Mehta I have no speaking gigs after the first week of October or November (apart from a quick trip to Skepticon for a workshop), and I've just received the first paycheck from Patreon, so I'll be working on studio upgrades and getting videos produced so that I can stay ahead of schedule and on-track to release 3 videos per month. Again, THANK YOU, very much, for your continued support. This project will continue to get better and more efficient. Feel free to spread the word to others about the videos (they're free to the world!) and their opportunity to support more content. Gratefully, Matt