Aries New Moon, March 27
New Moons always represent a great time for planting seeds for fresh starts. Sometimes those seed-plantings involve small intentions, sometimes they’re large. But a New Moon in Aries always amplifies the potential for fresh starts because Aries itself is the sign of new beginnings -- it is associated with the moment of birth, the moment when we burst from the womb into the light of day, kicking and screaming and not all that concerned with...well anything but getting our needs met Right Now. That impulse - that instinctive nature - is Aries strength (it helps with risk taking and experiential learning) and its shadow (it sure can be reactionary and explosive!).

So why track lunar cycles? Well, there are so many reasons for that. Among my favorites at this point in time is the fact that tracking lunar cycles helps us to stay in touch with the ebb and flow of our own lives, our own moods and our own temperaments. We get to practice tuning into the astrological archetypes at least once a month thereby increasing our familiarity with them and hopefully our understanding of what they represent and how they play out in our lives.

The New Moon on March 27 is conjunct Venus, which is now retrograde in the sky. This Venus retrograde period, which started March 4 and runs through April 15, started in Aries and is demanding that we take a look at what it is we value, what we desire, our emotional attachments to outcomes and to people, and where it is we’re needing to be more unified with our will. 

Venus retrograde in Aries can be kinda uncomfortable. Venus, in its essence, is known as the goddess of beauty, love, balance and harmony. Aries is the God of war. So how can we frame seemingly contradictory energies in a way that supports integration? 

If we strip all that silly, gendered and whittled down generalized symbolism away, we notice that Venus was actually known as the goddess of love AND war in many cultures. And what about her shadow side? What about the fierceness of love and compassion? Of a parent protecting their young? Of standing up for what it is you value and believe in? 

Aries is a very personal sign. The cycle we’re in now, however, is essentially asking us to own up to the ways we’re not claiming our destiny and stepping into our power. Right now we citizens of planet Earth are facing something greater than just our personal challenges. From April 2 - April 15 we’ll get the chance to see how our personal desire and will is connected to the other people in our lives and to the collective. This is there where our truly fierce compassion needs to come into play. 

So much is at stake these days. By acknowledging and accepting what it is we need and want, by recognizing that only we have the power to shape our destiny and giving up any tendencies we have to waiting for something outside of us to come save us, we’re able to more consciously co-create a just, regenerative, compassionate and heart-centered society for all.

It could be handy to do some reflecting about the following questions in order to hone in on your intention:

What desires and longings are emerging for me now?

What needs are these desires based in?

Where is it I’m wanting to take more risks in my life?

What fears are emerging for me now and how can I bless them and work through them - or with them?

What part of me do I need to reclaim? And how can I put that part to work in ways that serve my highest and best?

I recommend sitting down somewhere cozy and just allowing yourself to free-write on any of those topics. Don’t censor, don’t stop, just write and see what flows out. Give it a good 5-10 minutes.

Locating where 7-8 degrees of Aries falls in your chart will give you more insight into what area of life is particularly emphasized for this lunar cycle and can help with narrowing down your intention. But if you don’t know where that spot is, just go with your instinct. What’s up for you right now? What endeavors, habits or changes would you like to initiate?

If you’re new to New Moon intention setting and rituals, I recommend starting off easy: do some reflecting in the day or so before the New Moon, and then when you get a chance sit down, take some deep breaths and ground down into your body, and light a candle. It can be helpful to simply write something you’re wanting to let go of (a concrete habit or pattern, for example) and tear it up or burn it and then write down whatever it is you’re wanting to work with in the month to come. You can then leave that piece of paper somewhere you can see it, maybe sit in some silent reflection, blow out the candle and then move on. It can be helpful to note any dreams or synchronicities that come your way in the days after your ritual. 

In the months to come, I’ll be sending out some basic guides to rituals, altar creation and more. But for now, some suggestions for an Aries-inspired altar include:

A picture of yourself as a child
Anything Red - stones, candles, images
The Tower or The Emperor tarot cards
Anything that represents your goal
Anything you’re intuitively compelled to bring to your altar
Oils: Geranium, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Black Pepper, Neroli (or, to provide calming or grounding if you’re feeling the adrenaline surges of this Aries phase try some lavender, sandalwood, chamomile or peppermint).

With oils and stones, it can be helpful to do a google search, but also get creative -- rather than googling “Aries” look into the oils and stones that support the quality of your intention. For example, if your intention is to initiate a new daily routine, what oils support groundedness? Or practicality? Or mental sharpness? If you’re choosing stones, which stones call to you? It can be pretty fun to just choose something intuitively and then discover later just how spot on your choice was.

New Moon exact at 7:57PM (Pacific Time) at 7-8 degrees of Aries
(Full Moon April 27 - midpoint of the cycle)
Sabian Symbol: A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an east wind.
New Moons represent: The end of one cycle and the beginning of another
New Moon Keywords: New Beginnings; Seed Planting Time; Intention Setting
Aries Keywords: New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, Impulse, Initiative, Risk-taking, Adventure, Initiation, Leadership, Self-Expression, Action, Bravery, Boldness

This New Moon insight is available to all of my Patrons as a thank you for your contributions. Moving forward, they will be available to the $10 level and above several days in advance of the New Moon. 

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