Arkyne of the Week GMUC transmission 002
The second GMUC Arkyne of the Week transmission. I think this one came out a lot better than the first. it's still not perfect but, what is? heheno seriously, I went back and did an extra three voice takes to get this right and all at the same levels. I'm over all happy with this episode and now I'm excited fr the next one.btw, I did a lot of the art for the monster pic during a random sunday twitch stream over @ my solomon mars channel. @  

no wait... I just checked aaaand I forgot to click the archive my videos tab so... none of the streams I've been doing over there lately have been saved.guess I'll have to upload them to youtube, but I'll probably get slapped hard for the music I have playing in the background while working.I guess i'll drop it out before or after i upload them.

music: Council of Nine - Pale Sister Of Sanctuary Lost
by: Randal Collier-Ford

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