Armored Girl - Deathverse
Hello Patrons! You've seen these female characters in armor for the past few weeks right? I would like to announce that I'm creating another world for my personal project! Called "Deathverse" It's sort of inspired by Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Skyrim, and Diablo 2. Good vs evil sort of thing. I'll be collaborating with a friend of mine to write some background stories in the future. The stories will be for patrons only! Also, I'm going to work on another super sexy Makanizer character in early next year and will share all the files and process with you guys! stay tuned~ Thanks again for all the support! Can't do this without you guys <3 For this week's batch, Patrons will receive these rewards! ♥ Full Size Image ♥ Step by step ♥ PSD's with layers ♥ Video Process The rewards will be sent out on the first week of January (1-7-2015) Thank you!<3