Army List SPOTLIGHT - 1500pts - White Scars / Knight
This list was used in the latest battle report. Jeff took a competitive white scars list against Skari.  Comment after reading below!

So, what makes this list tick? Lets break it down.

Space Marine CAD - White Scars Chapter Tactics

Khan on Bike

Librarian on foot with the hunters eye.

Bike Command Squad with 5 Grav guns.

Two units of 3 Bikes with 2x melta and combi melta

Two units of 3 bikes with 2x grav and combi grav

Centurion Devastators - omniscope

Fast Attack Pod

Oathsworn Knight Paladin Detachment.


This at first glance this list seems very basic... well, it is! But there are some really hard hitting elements in the army. Khan gives the whole army scout, this makes them incredibly fast to get into your face, but also very good at the reserve game being able to completely null deploy (as the pod arrives on turn 1).

There is a great combination of grav and melta units in the army... to the army is designed to tackle tanks... gargantuan creatures, other knights. It has the speed to deal with the objective game and to play the movement game and the centurions just flat out ignore cover... this means that the librarian can rely on getting prescience to re roll misses and BAM and all round hitty unit of doom...

The command squad does not have any flashy upgrades and this army squeezes EVERY ounce of point efficiency out of it. At 1500points you cant really splurge... you have to keep things basic.

The knight is the icing on the cake, it provides the STOMP, this alone is worth its weight in gold and acts like a backfield bully than can push up a flank or midfield taking pot-sots with its repeat shot battle cannon as it advances.

All in all a tough army! Within the hands of a good general it has all the tools it needs to compete. Jeff is a great general and the game was a very tactical one.

Stay tuned for the report! - Leave a comment below, what do you like, dislike? What would you focus on?

Skari - out.