Arnes Slave set

In my Patreon you have two options!

1. Wait for the ero set month (Arnes Slave on January). I made the set but I don't have it yet, I'm waiting my photographer's email.


2. Choose a past ero set and please write me via patreon message. You have the digital ero set list on my patreon description.

Ero sets in every reward;

Tier 2 ($5) receive 2 HD ero photos I choose (Zing, all cosplay and model photos, etc. Read the whole reward)

Tier 3 ($15) receive 7 HD ero photos. (Read the whole reward)

Tier 4 ($25) receive 12 HD ero photos and 7 extras ero photos. You can choose two different sets or 19 of the same set. (Read the whole reward). Private Instagram since this tier

Tier 5 ($50): complete set (between 25-30 photos depending the set. Katarina's complete ero set has 40 photos) and 10 extras ero photos. (Read the whole reward)

Tier 6 ($100): complete set, 12 extras photos and I can send you a few christmas soft examples. (Read the whole reward there's moreee) .

💳 How to donate: Credit-Debit card or Paypal.
As long as I receive your payment you will get your reward regardless if you joined at the beginning, middle or end of the month.

PH El Zorzo