AROS Broadway preview 7 adds EmuLA
The native i386 AROS Distribution "Broadway"  is still on track to reach the 1.0 roadmap target. 

So far it includes:

- indieGO! Appstore

- AmiWallet (manage you indiecoins)

- AmiCloud *

- A new starter with Drag n Drop support

- AMC the Amiga Media Center*

- VAN player (Our own lossless vector based video format)

I had announced 2 versions ago a limited USB-Stick and now it is the time : )

The stick has a size of 32GB. It boots straight into AROS Broadway preview 7. 

You will get:

+ A limited USB-Stick with the ARES Logo in a metal box (only 25 are available)

+ AmiCloud for AROS

+ EmuLA serial

+ AMC serial

2 are reserved already.. 23 to go.

As a special bonus for patrons we offer a free update service. Send us the stick back whenever you like and we will install the latest version for you. Shipping to you will be covered by your subscription.

The stick is available here: