Around the World in 24 Keys: A Minor
Hey everyone, it's another Friday which means another video!

This week is another original piano score, made within 20 minutes. I was messing around on a piano on Sunday during my practice session, and I was playing around with the A minor bass line as you hear above. I recorded what I played and that's a majority of what you hear above! That's why I wrote about that in my Music Tip of the Day on my Facebook page!

The title comes from the way A minor sounds. It's very mournful and sorrow. The tune for this piece was inspired by this psalm we played in wind ensemble this semester. The way my band director described it was like a "canter", like a chant. So I pictured in my mind this tune being played during a sorrowful ritual or sorts (hence the title).

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Keep practicing and I'll see you guys soon!

Equipment used:
Writing the music: Finale 2016
Music Display: Synthesia
Recording software: OBS
Additional audio editor: Mixcraft
Editing/rendering software: Adobe Premiere

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