I've been at home in the states for five months now. Tomorrow I leave for the UN climate talks in Morocco. Once I find my footing somewhere -- once I feel settled -- it's time to leave. 

I'm not sure where I've made it to, or where I'm going, but this time in New England feels like an arrival. Even though leaving Cambodia suddenly wasn't part of my plan, I'm incredibly grateful for the time I've had to spend with my family. It's re-centering, having roots. And turning corners. 

The big corn maze of this fall led me into an open field, and I met myself there, and it felt like coming home. 

Big love to all who are on any sort of journey right now -- internal, external. I'm coming to think that a journey is a process of asking more and more precise questions. 

Tomorrow I begin a journey join a group of climate justice storytellers in Marrakesh. Let the listening begin. 

(Photo of the month for October 2016.)

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