Art and Healing: My House, My Rules

It's my house, so I get to decide what's art. That means the less I think the better.

And the bigger the mess, the more extraordinary.

As a survivor myself, I've used art as a way to heal:

In The Studio…
I went down to the studio today but did set a time limit – I would give myself a few minutes to center myself and focus, and then touch base with whether I truly wanted to create or not.  Then I focused on one particular paintings, really being present with how each little brush stroke and hot dab of glue felt.  And after three hours (okay, so it was a bit longer today…) I said alright, it’s Friday, let’s get out of here.

But here’s what I did!

First, I started with a picture I love of two trees, lost in their twisted detour dance.

Then, I took out a bucket of spackle and I tried to shape what I thought those trees looked like. I love how the spackle adds texture to resemble the bark.

I let the spackle dry overnight, and then painted it brown. Voila. Tree bark.

Then I couldn't resist.  I added my little singing flowers, who I think are the most adroable little nature fairies I've ever seen..or imagiend!


What's not to love about my little singing flowers?


So I added some more...


Don't you wish all flowers were really as adorable as these cartoony guys?


I wonder what they would sound like. I am imgaining very high pitched and squeaky,
Have you ever thought what a flower woudl sound like if it was talking to you?

 Is there any more appropriate time to add some singing flowers in then now?  Enough with these chilly days, let’s see some blooming petals around here!

I was trying to recreate the vision I had in my head - all of these happy singing flowers cascading down these two, textured, grandiose intertwined trees..

You see it?

 Anyway, this painting does deserve a better photograph, but I do like how this came out.

Also just set the scene for a mini little canvas with a lighthouse…

And then finally painted in the spackle on this tree growing over the stump – I definitely need to let this sit for a bit – so many things could be happening in this painting.

I just think the relationship between the stump and the roots growing over it speaks volumes…

But I did enough in a day, so I stepped away.  It's always good to take a break when you are at your most intense creative point.

After all, creativity is way more than arts and crafts.  It's a way to see the world.  Which means after a few hours in the studio, it's good to balance that with LIFE creativity, take a natrue walk, eat a nourshing meal, or call a friend. Or give yourself a hug.  

Literally embrace the artist within you.

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