Hello hello to friends and foes. As you may have noticed, things have been a little quiet on the Patreon front, so I decided it was time for a little journal post.

The truth is, I am bad at maintaining more than one social media outlet at a time, and since my fanbase is still small, I’ve been focusing a lot on promotional work and getting my art out there. Instagram has been my main focus, because it’s easy to update, and new and exciting. This means my art blog has suffered, because that one is more of a gallery and less of a way to get new people interested in my work. But it all eventually comes back to Patreon; to me; to the life I want to live.

I do art for art’s sake, and I’m always going to make art. But we live in a capitalist society and I need to get an income, somehow. My apartment is small, the people who live here are nasty, I don’t have my own oven and there are art supplies and rocks all over the floor. I’m so weary, you guys. I just, want, to move out of here.

This makes me frantic. I do everything to promote and forget to enjoy my work. I’m constantly thinking about the next thing, the next project, and how to showcase it best – when the best way is to be ME. After all, there are thousands of wonderful, skilled and talented artists out there, but only one me – and I can’t start anything without thinking, okay, but what is it going to BE? Will people WANT this?

My own art is stressing me out. And it has to stop. I mean, if I’m going to be stressed all the time, I might as well just enroll into an education or get a job in customer service or something. 

So, social media, online communities, everything else, is going to take a back seat. Patreon will be there for those who like my work, as a tip jar and a backup. I’m still going to update here and do my best to produce the best content I can, but it’s not my plan for how to live.

Instead, I am going to do what has actually earned me the most money so far – I’m going to paint. 

I’m going to create paintings, get them into galleries, and sell them. I’m good at this! Most of the paintings have been sold to people in my circle, friends of friends, a teacher, but I do have one picture hanging in Berlin - and friends of friends pay the same price as everyone else, so if they want to buy my stuff, that’s great.

I’m still going to create t-shirt designs for Redbubble, paint tiny demonic sheep and be weird on the internet. But it’s going to be my hobby. Okay, maybe not the sheep, I can sell the sheep. But it’s no longer going to be because social media likes big consistent projects, it’s going to be because holy shit, how cool is one hundred demonic sheep going to look together on one wall??

Hopefully, this will help my mental health. Hopefully. Otherwise, I can always go back.

So, the next question is, Raptor, are you going to give us a way to actually BUY your paintings?

No. Nope. I can’t, with postal service. I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll get a manager who can at some point, but, listen. I don’t trust the mail.