Hey, everyone!

Time for another Art Blog!

This week zesterer implemented throwable items. My first thought?


But before I could even start implementing them I was distracted by some way more exciting things.

One of them was Gemu’s idea of changing the... 

Icon Style

To this point we had slightly too detailed and very differently drawn icons in the game.

After a short discussion and looking at other voxel/pixel games’ icon art we decided to go for something simpler, brighter and more easy to recognize.

We also decided on having a colour code to let the player instantly see what skill/spell they are dealing with just by seeing the icon.

This is what we decided for.

Filled with motivation we jumped onto the task of creating some icons in that style.

There’s still plenty of them missing. Some could need a bit more polish.

But generally I am very happy with the outcome and the team effort!

Thanks, Gemu, Snowram and our new art-team member Skimo!

In comparison to the old icon style they fit a lot better, right?

What other exciting thing could have taken my attention from implementing snowballs (and little snowpiles to collect snow from)?



We actually continued working on the concept shown in last week’s blog.

 First I made a window concept from the actual used assets. They are in grey tones here as we colour our whole interface via the code so we can easily introduce new colour themes later. 

After lots of asset imports, creating a completely new UI element and wiring it up with the rest of the UI this lovely thing finally appeared.

What now?

One very important thing was the window position. We wanted it to be somehow related to the bag. In the end we decided to place it right besides and even let it open up the bag when pressing the crafting window hotkey. 

Being able to see the char while crafting could also give us the opportunity to show some kind of crafting animation later on.

Zesterer and I added the recipe and ingredients list. Still pretty barebones, right?

Here we already had greyed out recipes working and I started adding tooltipped item images to the ingredient list.

Doesn’t this look nice? Still some spacing issues though…

It now shows the amount of needed items in your inventory.

The last step for this week was to add icon images to the recipe list and a tooltipped item image for the crafting result. I also made insufficient amounts of needed items greyed out.

All this is already functional and will be patched into the game very soon!

What I still want to work on is increasing the visuals of the “Required X” section. 

And of course we need a better set of recipes to start with.

My ideas for initial craftable items were:

// Mortar and Pestle -> Stone(4) and Coconut(2), Hammer (C) -> Used as a tool for bombs

// Hammer: Twigs (4), Stones (2)

// Small Potion: Empty Vial (1), Velorite Fragment (2)

// Medium Potion: Small potion(1), Velorite Fragment (2)

// Collar: Leather Scraps(5), Shiny Gem(1)

// Bomb: Stones(10), Coconut(2), Velorite Frag(2), Mortar and Pestle (C)

// Velorite Fragment: Velorite (1), Hammer (C)

// New Items needed: Stones, Twigs, Empty Vial, Leather Scraps, Shiny Gem, Mortar and Pestle, Hammer

This is still open for discussion of course.

As I am writing this blog zesterer is already working on being able to smash a chunk of ore into multiple fragments! 

Are we done yet?


Let’s end this Blog with some...


We recently had a discussion about adding simple guns to Veloren. I am not opposed to that as long as they fit the dwarven style.

 We actually experimented with that in our first take on the engine. It was never functional of course.

 Whenever I see that old shot I really want to remake this cape. Hopefully I get time for that some day... 

Out of the dark, into the light... 

And finally: Yes, fully mapped shadows and LoD by Sharp are still worked on. And they are starting to look decent!

(Precool your GPUs, guys and gals!)

That’s it for this time, have a great weekend and (hopefully) see you next Friday! :)

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