Hey ho artists!
Thought I'd write down some thoughts I've been having about art and why we do it. 

I recently posted to my personal twitter

 If you're unhappy with your art do more studies. 

If you're happy with your art keep drawing. 

If you wish you could draw start drawing. 

I probably got it a bit backwards there.

For my first point,  studies are great. Studies are the quickest way to improve- I guarantee it. Especially as thereare so many ways to study that defining one way is nearly impossible so I'm kind of cheating by saying that. Next art chat I'm going to talk about some of my favourite ways to learn. I have quite a lot of them so it'll be a good one. My advice for now, studies aren't chores, if you enjoy drawing then doing a study isn't that big a deal- it can actually be very relaxing. You don't need ideas or imagination you can just draw and learn.

Second point- great! Go you! Art can be very therapeutic for a lot of people so if you enjoy the process of drawing and are happy with the end result it doesn't really matter what other people think!

 And lastly a lot of people when they start drawing can be very discouraged by the number of incredible artists on the internet, a lot of illustrators on Youtube have talked about how the quality of art they see is increasing. That's a double-edged sword, the internet makes art advice available for everyone- and that's amazing! After you start seeing other artists as friends, mentors and  tutors, and not competitors, you can enjoy what you do a lot more (although a bit of healthy competition isn't bad either!)

So start drawing if you aren't,  you won't get any worse!