Art Contest - Azarinth Healer

Hey everyone.

As previously mentioned, I'm launching an art contest for Azarinth Healer.

Everyone can participate but the winners will be declared by Patreon voting (only Patrons can vote). Depending on how many submissions there are, there might be more than one poll (I'm open to suggestions on how best to determine the most popular top 5 with one or several polls).

The prize pool is 550$ (US) split as follows:

1st: 250$
2nd: 150$
3rd: 75$
4th: 50$
5th: 25$

As to what you want to draw? I'll leave it pretty open. Just choose a scene you think is cool and go wild. I'll upload a few sketches from myself to give you an idea of a few creatures and how I imagined them (see attached jpg).

Here are a few ideas:

- Ilea fighting Praetorians
- Ilea fighting Guardians
- Ilea riding the Trakorov
- Ilea vs Ascended
- Ilea and Catelyn vs Corurpted Hordes

But nearly anything goes (no sex stuff). Doesn't have to be an action scene either. Remember, it will be the Patrons voting and not me, so these are just suggestions.

Check out the discord (art channel) to discuss more ideas / find relevant descriptions etc.:

Please upload your work to artstation / deviantart / imgur or another trusted image hosting service (please don't link to personal websites).

Only one submission per person (do feel free to share your work beforehand on disc/RR/Patreon if you feel like it and are already done).

Submission links can be sent to me until the 10th of July 2020 on RoyalRoad or Patreon (personal message only) including a short description of the piece, the name you'd like to be credited as, and a paypal mail address in case you win. Also include a link to your portfolio if you'd like that to be shared (Personal websites are fine here).

You retain all rights to your creation by entering this art competition, I will only link to the public uploads in future posts. If I want more rights, I will contact you directly so we can work out a separate agreement.

Any further questions please contain to this post or RR direct messages if you're not a patron.

Thanks and have fun :).

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