Art Contest - Monsters and Beasts

Hey everyone.

Second art contest for Azarinth Healer. This time with a theme: Monsters and Beasts (including fringe cases like the Meadow / Large form Catelyn / Fae). No porn content.

Everyone can participate but the winners will be declared by Patreon voting (only Patrons). Depending on how many submissions there are, there might be more than one poll.

The prize pool is 1'050 USD split as follows:

1st: 400 USD
2nd: 300 USD
3rd: 200 USD
4th: 100 USD
5th: 50 USD

Check out the discord (art channel) to discuss ideas / find relevant descriptions etc.:

Please upload your work to artstation / deviantart / imgur or another trusted image hosting service (please don't link to personal websites). Only one submission per person (do feel free to share your work beforehand on disc/RR/Patreon if you feel like it and you're already done).

Submission links can be sent to me until and including March 1st 2021 on RoyalRoad or Patreon (personal message only) including a short description of the piece, the name you'd like to be credited as, and a paypal mail address in case you win. Also include a link to your portfolio if you'd like that to be shared (Personal websites are fine here).

You retain all rights to your creation by entering this art competition, I will only link to the public uploads in future posts. If I want more rights, I will contact you directly so we can work out a seperate agreement.

Any further questions please contain to this post or RR direct messages if you're not a patron.

Thanks and have fun :).

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