Art for the Phytomancer
This next set of printable minis was inspired by this series of tumblr posts by epicroll about creating undead augmented by plants through mixing druid nature magic with necromancy.

I thought the idea was awesome and did my take of the Phyotmancer based on the Pinterest image he’d posted - i’ll be following up this mini with some plant modified undead throughout the week.

Couple additional thoughts:

The globes he carries are filled with necromantic-spores that he throws at recently raised undead to augment them with a variety of magical death-weeds that quickly over grow and enhance the rotten remains.

The bird was once a loyal familiar, but is now little more then a grisly puppet of a necrotic-weed that has taken root on the phytomancer’s shoulder pad.

Let me know what you think, cheers!