Art Giveaway #1 and #2!
My Dear Pioneers!

I might be late, but I will always deliver! :D Today I have managed to finally decide on the Winners of the First and Second Art Giveaway that was promised to the first Patreons and the Based Explorer Plus Supporters! :) Check out the Video!

For the first Base, I have taken into account the 73 Supporters that have been around in the First Month of July! For the second base, this was extended to the wooping 110 Supporters, that we now have! Once we reach 200 Supporters, I will throw in another of the Smaller Bases in addition to the bigger ones, so the numbers become more realistic for everyone again! :) 

Congratulations to Benni and Keith (sorry for the typo in the Video)! I will contact you now to send the Bases out to you soon! :)