The Art of the First Age Large "Parma Eldaliéva" Map: A Photo of the Work Process (7)

The present 12-photo series is of my work on the art of the original and the printed version of the "Parma Eldaliéva" First Age map. Photos of the work on the original are easy to recognise, as on them the map is seen as an artwork with ink on white paper (for example this photo).

My work on this map in its present version started officially in 2012 although I began some of the preparations much earlier. After the 2013 hiatus I finalized its draft (or the older original) in 2014 and completed the present official original in the beginning of 2015. I completed the print version deriving from it in February-March 2015.

When I am able to afford a wider working space (and if it would not hurt my work on "The Silmarillion"-inspired art books) I would like to make two more originals of the maps of the First Age and of the Second&Third Age. As I have already done the most of the creative, time and effort-consuming development work and based on those existing perfected originals it will take me only a couple of months to make them. A new version of the First Age map will feature alternative ways to write a couple of toponyms and you are also welcome to send me a message or a comment with your opinion on whether or not to include the names of major lords of various regions. (It might be visible or not on some of the work photos, but I have initially penciled some of those names yet later I decided to skip inking them for the sake of a simpler beauty, the fact that some of those lords migrated during the Age, and my hesitance to write the names of both Amrod and Amras on a Beleriand map.) As for the next original Second&Third Age map: it will have mostly a few toponyms added. Some of those I wrote about in my previous message accompanying the photos of the present Second&Third Age map, and some in accordance with remarks on the recently discovered annotated Tolkien map.

Tsvetelina - Elmenel