Hi Everyone!

I am officially relaunching my Patreon page, and offering new art rewards for affordable prices. On my page, you can see the different tiers offered as well as the examples of the art rewards you might get.

As you may all know, I am a full time stay at home mom to a happy and energetic two year old as well as a freelance artist. Although I would eventually want to get back into the animation industry, my focus is on my family.

By doing events such as gallery shows and conventions, I am able to keep my art alive. However, it does take a lot to continue, and I hope that you can support me in my art journey. If you’d like a custom artwork, feel free to support me here in Patreon. Your kindness and generosity in my art is very much appreciated!

As a new patron, I will add an extra surprise on your first sign up on top of the art rewards you will receive from the tier you choose from.

Thank you for taking your time to check my page, and I hope to make more art for all of you.❤️



(P.S. Since it is also the start of Inktober, don’t forget to follow me also on Instagram: @artofpaolaolivares)