Art Olivier says the apocalypse is coming this September; Wayne Coste says a big plane DID hit the Pentagon
First hour: Art Olivier, former mayor of Belleflower CA and Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate, is the producer of Operation Terror, a Hollywood-style thriller based on what pretty much really happened on 9/11.  Tonight he discusses the history of the Jesuits/Illuminati, and explains why he thinks the apocalypse is coming this September.

Second hour: Wayne Coste is a licensed professional engineer with over 45 years of professional experience. He was awarded his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 1977. For about 6 years, Wayne was actively involved as a volunteer with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He was a member of the Presenters Team and was the Congressional Outreach team leader. Wayne was a member of the AE911Truth Board of Directors for about a year before leaving Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to launch Truth Outreach, Inc., which is the not-for-profit organization sponsoring the 9/11 Truth Action Project or, simply, 911 TAP.

 9/11 TAP’s mission is to build and mobilize a global grassroots movement to create a groundswell of civic support that achieves transparency and accountability for the crimes of 9/11, justice for its victims, an end to unwarranted wars, and restoration of our civil liberties.

Wayne co-authored a paper with John Wyndham and Michael R. Smith on the ethics, or lack thereof, of the official reports on the WTC building in a paper destructions entitled "Ethics and the Official Reports about the Destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers (WTC1 and WTC2) on 9/11: A Case Study," which was presented at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science and Technology.

Additionally, he is a coauthor of the paper, “The World Trade Center Analyses: Case Study of Ethics, Public Policy and the Engineering Profession” with Michael R. Smith, R. M. Korol in 2015. This paper was accepted by, SEFI, the European Engineering Association after a peer review process – but upon arriving in France to presented he was refused entry to the conference.

He recently stepped down as the Director of the 9/11 Truth Action Project to allow him more latitude to discuss publicly the damage to the Pentagon and its implications supporting the presence of a large plane impact on that day.


Wayne writes (after the show):

Thanks for the interview.

Here is what I put together about the "C-Ring" Exit hole


My other presentations about the Pentagon issues are here:


There are many hours of material here.

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