IN SIX 15 min VIDEO LESSONS by Jeff Rose

Charles Spurgeon once said..

 “We must school and train ourselves to deal personally with the unconverted. We must not excuse ourselves, but force ourselves to the irksome task until it becomes easy.”  

Too many men think that simply standing outside and vocally proclaiming the Gospel without any kind of deliberate detailed training in delivery is needed. Such as, the management of the voice, the expression of the countenance, and the gesture of the head, the eyes, the body, and the limbs, these all constitute the external part of oratorical delivery. In this fascinating book 'CHIRONOMIA' reccomeneded by the prince of preachers himself "Charles Spurgeon," we will dive into six crucial areas of the preachers craft, and examine how we can be better stewards in this great and needed act and art of preaching in the open-air. I will also talk about behavior and method in connection with our understanding of who God is. Our theology will always determine our methodology. We must give ourselves to this most important task of preaching in the open-air. We must not be careless or slothful in our presentation of our King to the world. If we take a few hours and research the men who blazed over the countryside of Europe and America, we will see that these men were men who were not sloppy and neglectful in their delivery and doctrine, but had a clear carved out message along with an attitude and life that bore witness to the message they preached. 

Join me for (6) 15 min Video lessons!

-Jeff Rose

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