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So I got this idea to do something with all that creative energy conjured up in the process of writing.  I put as much of it as I can onto the page, and yet there's always more.  Moods evoked by inhabiting a character's circumstances...quirks and personalities so vividly imagined...those things do not quickly fade and often overflow the bounds of their imagined world and leak out of me in other ways.  Art begets other art.  

And I realized one day, pressing clay between my fingers...pinching and prodding it into more than it was before... that I was thinking about James (a character I carried with me for almost a year before finishing his story).   Kneading the clay somehow untied a knot in my brain and allowed me to see the bridge between where I was stuck in the story and where I ultimately wanted it to go.  

Engaging my hands in the creative process lets my imagination run and play and make connections it might not otherwise notice.  Sometimes it simply helps me round out a character by creating something I know she'd love.  Other times it helps me let go of a story, put closure to it by using up what remains of its energy so  that I can move on and imagine new places, new characters, new circumstances...new worlds even.   And when my creative well runs dry, clay under my nails or paint on my fingertips primes the pump and I find my thoughts drifting toward new stories waiting to be told.

Eventually it occurred to me that it might be fun to share these connections between my stories and my other art .  That somehow these connections enhanced the creations -- brought the stories to life, added meaning to the physical art -- making each more than what it was before.  That readers might actually get excited about having something tangible from a story that particularly resonated with them.  I knew I did...but might other people feel the same?

So... having put my etsy shop on hold for other reasons, I took advantage of the down-time and revamped its layout and direction.  New art was created.  Remaining art was re-described, putting emphasis on the story connections of each piece.  It feels right...to have all my creative outlets now part of a connected whole.  I'll be very interested to see how this new direction is received.  Will anyone else care where the inspirations came from?  Don't know, but we'll soon find out.

Take a look, browse, explore, peruse...let me know you think.   The shop is ever-changing because, just like my stories, each piece is a one-off and there's always something new on the way.  I think that's fun.  

So here it is:  HempStockStudios.etsy.com in all its newly re-created glory!

And if you're wondering about the name... well, it just seemed fitting given the novel that inspired me to follow my heart down the creative path that is now my life.  (Thank you, Neil! forever grateful)


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