Art print format question
I'm probably going to release 2 print editions of this piece, as I often do. A basic lustre mini print, roughly the same size of the original (4"x6") and a larger, more limited "Deluxe" giclee print at about 8"x10".

I'm mulling over possible print formats,  a 4"x6" doesn't scale up to 8"x10" without some cropping, but it's nice to stick to standard sizes as much as possible. I think it looks much better uncropped, but that means anyone who wants this piece matted is going to need a custom mat. I have a mat cutter, so I can make matted versions of this print available for less than the cost of the average custom cut mat job, but the extra weight and packaging does add to the cost of shipping.

The left image would be a standard 8"x10", and the one on the right is more like 6.7"x10". They'll both be printed on 10"x12" paper, which is an uncommon but available frame size.

Any thoughts?