[Art] The Shady Doctor (Black Jack)
Dearest patrons, hello!

It feels like a long time since I drew my favorite anime character of all time. This is one of my more experimental pieces (though all of the posts I have done for this month have been experimental, actually!) I wanted to see if I could form striking shapes with just using fine crosshatched patterns, using only the colors black, white, red, and blue (red and blue being interchangeable colors for Black Jack's bow tie and his scar.)

I got a lot of useful input from my partner, Aiken, while I did this--including adding more definite outlines around the edges, and adding more hatching, and pointing out to me that in my enjoyment of inking the white part of Black Jack's hair, I had, in fact, turned it 100% black! (Oh, the pain of having to cover up finely detailed hair with white ink again...)

For the black parts, I used Mitsubishi Unipin ink pens, mostly of the .01 size. For the blue and red parts, I used Titus colored ballpoint pens. I do wish I had more ink pens like Mitsubishi or Sakura, the way I have a nice little set of Titus pens I've been thoroughly enjoying, but perhaps I'll look into it in the future! (Hopefully we have enough to buy some, by then. <3)

Let me know what you think of this piece, dear patrons. Do you like it? What part do you like best? What part could I have done better? Who would you like me to try rendering in this style next? I always, always appreciate your feedback, and even a simple like already lifts my spirits greatly. :D

Thank you so much again for your support, as always, my dearest patrons!

All the best,

Mel <3