Photos will be used on "The Tapestry of Pain" Art to honor those we have lost and those who still stand in the battle against Sickle Cell Pain.

My next planned show is in September for Sickle Cell Awareness.

I want to ask friends and family who have lost someone to Sickle Cell Disease submit photos to be honored on art at this art show those who are still living and fighting may also submit photos so we can touch this world with images of real warriors

This show is not finalized yet but if I want to ask busy people to show up I have to start asking as soon as Yesterday

I do not have funding but I am working as hard as I can with what I can come up with by asking for help here on Patreon and GoFundMe

please share this and send photos / images to

Hertz Nazaire

1042 Broad Street #407

Bridgeport, CT 06604

or digitally to [email protected] please share this with Family and Friends of the Sickle Cell Community so I can get the photos on time to be part of the art created.

To Our Community Leaders: It is up to you to use our talents wisely, if I fail to do my part I fail those who I have already lost and those who continue to still fight Sickle Cell today.

I am a fighter and I do not plan to fail them

- Nazaire



I was asked about deadlines to submit the photos

No real deadline but I would like most photos the first few month until early September 2016

I will exhibit the work and photos can still added daily 5-10 years from now if I need more space I'll add another canvas to the work - it will be large enough for thousands of photos to represent our community worldwide

Note:  Submissions should be sent by self or family member with permission of use.