Art Style Challenge: "Son Goku, Dragon Ball" (January 16, 2017)
After two grueling hours and a sore wrist, it's finally done! My official entry to Young Jijii's January 2017 illustration contest. The theme for this month is "Goku." This fanart also doubles as my first time trying out the art style challenge; it's a little harder than what I usually do (if the six different artworks are any indication) but you know what, that's what makes it so fun! We all love a good challenge and as lazy as I am half the time, difficult tasks like these still excite me. I'm just glad I was able to pull it off somehow. (P.S. Goku's hair was really tricky to adapt to other anime styles; if you noticed, I toned down the spikiness considerably with most of the other art styles. Idk, I just have this feeling the other mangakas, if given the chance, won't be drawing Goku's hair so outrageously like how Toriyama or Kishi would do it. The lines will be gentler, I think, so I just curled his hair around the sides for those styles instead of spiking them. Just figured that's what the others would do.) Anyway hopefully this gets me into the top five; just being able to talk to (even more have my work critiqued by) any professional manga artist means the world to me. I'm just aching to learn more from the industry, and hopefully be one step closer to where I actually want to be. Fingers crossed!