Art Supply Haul
I am counting the days I have left until I can focus full-time on my illustrations. It's definitely got me anxious. I've been so fatigued and exhausted from work lately, so art creation has been a bit slow, but steady!

So I dropped into Michaels today with a small budget.

-Canson Marker XL pad

-Faber Castell Brush pen

-generic WaterBrush

-Strathmore Sketch 

-Color Resist Pen

*I almost immediately regretted getting the XL pad over the pro pad, just because I wanted to get paper to do large quality illustrations on. But my inner budget manager took over. The Beinfang 360 paper is definitely on my list to get ASAP.

*The brush pen is really fun to use, but I will be saving it for larger illustrations - the felt tip isnt as fine as I would have liked (will have to order in a Uni brush pen). 

*This water brush is very...generic. Broad and the water flow is constant so getting a vivd pigment of color is near impossible. Pentel waterbrush is on my list!

*The sketchbook paper is nice and thick and fairly smooth surface. I like super smooth surfaces, but is very good for doing rough sketches, so I am happy with it in that regard.

*The color resist pen is a treasure I found on my way! It's not like a fluid mask where you peel after you're done then can color after. If you want something white, you put it on with the felt tip, and that's it. It goes on clear so you can put it ontop of a previous color, then add more color afterwards. This is a tool I will definitely have to play with alot!

I see quite a few artists doing these art supply hauls, so I figure I would do a small one today! I can get so into debating between materials. It is SO relaxing.

Now, time to chisel at my to-do list! See you again soon!


*note* Future art hauls will be patron only.