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Everyone has a different walk in life, and all of those walks have produced tens, if not hundreds, of new perspectives, new ideas, and new observations. All of these are unique lenses, ways through which the world could be viewed and understood.

I have a deep, enduring love for these lenses, and truly believe that the world would be better if each of us could take a minute to pop on a new set of worldview glasses once in a while.

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At $1 a month, you're doing more than I ever expected. Every bit of money that heads my way is actually just a reflection of how awesome you are. Seriously, high fives or hugs if I ever meet you in person, and at least one Patron-only post a month, usually on some errant thought or game-related musing.
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In addition to the thanks above, you'll join an exclusive group who get an every-other-week blurb about whatever game, story, or prevailing trend I'm pondering at the time. Although it won't be as nuanced or developed as my full articles, it'll provide some insight into my musings. 
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In addition to eternal thanks and every-other-week updates, this includes occasional play journals about what game I'm playing or book I'm reading, mostly unfiltered thoughts on them, and likely how my thoughts go from idle musings to full articles.
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