Art Update - Coloring Book Opinions, Positiveness, and Sketch Jam!
Another week done and gone! Where does the time go?

Last week was a busy one. I finished up my painting, Amethyst Witch, and got 8x10s prints of her up on Amazon and Etsy. I've ordered supplies so I can also have 12x15 inch prints (I decided to go slightly bigger than 11x14 inches, because I can on my printer!), and do some experimenting with embellishments on canvas prints.

Also last week I worked on putting together the dragon coloring book. As you guys know, it's my first time doing this, so there has been a lot of learning. I wanted to order a Proof of the book end of last week, but due to my obsession to get Amethyst Witch done, I spent the first half of my week on her, and was delayed in working on the book. But, I am still hopefully that an end of the month release (or worse case scenario, early July) is possible. 

So, also pertaining to the coloring book - I'm working on the cover. I've been struggling a lot with this as I want a layout I can use for future coloring books, so there is a cohesiveness to my style and brand of books. I have the layout I want, fonts I will use, and now the tough choice is - which dragon picture to use on the front? I've narrowed it down to three dragons as you can see above, and now I want your opinion. Which one do you like best on the cover? Also note, the coloring page will be colored in, so it won't be just black and white lines. 

Besides the coloring book, I've also been thinking a lot about positive sayings/affirmation artwork. In today's world with the constant battle of hate and bigotry, and so many people suffering from depression and suicidal or self harming thoughts, I think it's very important to start young with positive ideas of loving yourself and others, kindness and openness, and personal strength. The three pieces you see at the bottom are the first in that vein. I plan on their being many, many more. 

Last thing. First, Sketch Jam is this week! It will start Wednesday, June 21st at noon CST, and go until Friday, June 23rd, noon CST. So, everyone get those requests ready!