Art Update! Happy Halloween!
First, for those who celebrate - Happy Halloween! Or, blessed Samhain. :)

Second - this week's Art Update is basically a reveal for November's coloring pages.

Yup, a reveal - because I am FINALLY catching up and getting ahead of the game so I can show you the pages a week(ish) before you get them. Which is how I want it to be.

November's coloring pages include a set of postcards designs (Pledge $1 and Up). There are four designs on the page, and the PDF of the postcards includes one page of the line art for coloring, and another page that is the greyscale version. I'm very interested in playing around with greyscale, so I think I will be printing out one of these to play around with my markers and pencils on. The 2nd page (Pledge $2 and up) is of a lovely lady and her shoulder dragon. I put some decorative designs on her and the dragon, sort of like face painting. And last (Pledge $3 and up) is a unicorn with a sun/moon design behind them, and also I added the sun design on it's rump, for funsies. May be a slight My Little Pony cutie mark inspiration there.

And that's it for this Art Update! This week, client work, some new Enchanted Names in the works, and time to start up some idea sketches for new coloring pages, new painting, and new coloring book to self publish. I have a good handful of theme ideas I am interested in doing for my 2nd coloring book, so it's time to sit down and lock down a theme.

Thank you everyone for your continued support! And also, in just a short while I'll do another post with the End of the Month Giveaway winner! :)