An Art Young's Good Morning Editorial - January 10th 2017
An Art Young's Good Morning Editorial.  For Bernie.  #ForeverBernie

It is stunning how quickly division propagates, when addition sadly takes so long to grow.  And what we subtract, is the ability to multiply the mindset we truly need to change the world for the better.


We've never met Bernie Sanders.  Probably never will, no matter how many cartoons we do of and about him.  Nor is that why we do the cartoons - we do them simply because we believe in him.  Believe that his intentions and heart are in the proper place.  Decades of focus and compassion are due that benefit of the doubt.

It is no secret we tag our posts with #ForeverBernie - you may counter with the comment that our expressing such a feeling makes us biased in our assessment to follow.  That's fair and that's fine.  Read forward if you like - but that's the only disclaimer we have to offer.

There is, for the umpteenth time today, a backlash.  Bernie's CNN Town Hall, of which so many were excited and overjoyed about...turned into a fiasco of internet proportions when he made comments agreeing with the assessment that Russia tried to influence the Presidential election.  A fiasco of internet proportions like July 12th and backing Hillary Clinton.

Personally, we don't believe the narrative that the Russians "hacked the elections" (whatever that means, anyway).  We do not believe that any potential Russian involvement led to the outcome of a President-elect Trump.  We believe that the main responsibility for the Democratic loss on November 8th sits squarely in the hands and at the feet of an egotistical and obsolete establishment, who have lost sight of the needs of us common folks, and who had the misplaced faith that they could not lose.  Just as the narrative of Weapons of Mass Destruction was false, so seems this.  On the topic of Russia, we disagree with Bernie.  But you know what...So what?

Do we expect to agree with every word he speaks?  Do we expect to be in lockstep with every action he takes?  No and no.  Need an example?  We whole-heartedly will remain forever disappointed that he didn't pick up his thirteen million voters, and umpteen believers, and found a third party.  So it goes.  Nor, do we need to be 100% in agreement.  Debate, civilized and intelligent, is where great ideas are birthed.  

What we do believe, however, is that Bernie Sanders believes that he is doing what is best for all people.  Who else is standing up for health care?  Who else is shouting from the Capitol steps that we will fight against cutting Medicare and Medicaid?  What other "politician" has the ear of so many, the respect of so many, the potential of actually making things happen, across the aisle?

The answer, truly, is nobody else.

And because of that dedication and determination, no matter what one wants to spin about his being a part of the establishment (hardly), a sheep dog (really?  then he was the worst one ever), or a sell out (he's a few hundred million short in that department)...he stands, on that (Capitol) hill, politically alone.  He knows he won't get everything we need, as a people, as a country.  But we believe he takes the steps necessary, to make certain as much as possible, occurs - health care, living wage, criminal justice reform, on and on and on.  You heard the stump speech over and over.  You know what he's about.  Here's a reminder:  He fights for us.

And we will not now, nor ever, let him stand alone.

The Editors of Art Young's Good Morning

January 10th, 2017



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