Artax Park City News
This week was full of controversy. The first one is David Block's renewing the whole staff of NYSO corporation. All six thousand people will be fired and new young recruits will take their place. We don't how will it affect the economics of the whole city, but it's a pretty bold move. So if you are unemployed, young and ambtious you have chance to become a part of the biggest corporation in the world. The next story came from showbiz. 

Jennifer Hayley, famous actresse from TV show "Street" has been arrested for assaulting her fiancé Craig Larson. Reportedly Hayley found out that Larson was cheating on her with her sister Kendra Hayley. How messed up is it! Larson now is in Artax Park Hospital unconscious and Hayley is waiting for a trial. Next news is about so called AP Code (Artax Pak Code) was published recently. It was given away by government with a Citizens Benefit package this month. Don't forget to check it out!