Okay so holy crap.

We haven't even finished our Kickstarter Art book and we've reached our Patreon Art Book goal.. this was seriously unexpected. Hare-san has drawn us a celebratory art piece!! 

But uhh.. heres the thing. We've reached this goal so fast that if we made a Patreon Art Book right now, it would be way too unsubstantial. Like maybe 10 pages max? Including stuff thats more ad related than print material. So heres the question.

Do you guys want a rather thin book of the compilation art that we have now? We'll randomly add images from ms1 and ms2a to make it a bit more meaty if you do. Or maybe wait a few more months until this book can get a bit more substantial?  Either way is fine with us. Hare-san has also agreed to touch up a good amount of the artwork that we have released so far here at Patreon. Whether it be thin or not, what you will get will be awesome. 

In case non of the above tickles your fancy,  tell us what you want! Our Patrons here have top priority in regards to request and we will prioritize you guys first, even if your request is on the unpractical side.