Article I wrote for launch of the Economic Security Project

This is a kind of quick look at what I think are the three main drivers for basic income that will not be letting up, and in fact will only be increasing over time until we get it, along with what drives my own support for our achieving it.

Bonus: Ed Dolan, an economist who supports UBI responded to this with a question of how I personally think we should go about paying for it. This was my reply to him which I think I'll need to flesh out a bit and publish as its own article at some point:

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One thousand $1 patrons would provide maximum basic income security here on Patreon. Your pledge at this level would function to stabilize my basic income through a widely distributed pledge floor.

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My non-public posts require this level of access to see. Thank you for freeing me from riding around on a bike in an 80s movie begging for this from John Cusack.
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Be personally thanked by name at the bottom of every BIG article I self-publish on Medium and in the YouTube description of every BIG video I upload to YouTube. Thousands (and eventually hopefully millions) will know you personally support basic income and are actively helping fund its adoption.
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Traveling around the world to advocate for basic income costs money above and beyond a basic income. For everyone who selects this reward level, $10 of your monthly pledge will not count toward my basic income and will instead be added to my savings account set aside specifically for traveling to and taking part in important conferences.
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[BIG Wardrobe Builder - ACTIVE]
You get your choice of t-shirts I've created to wear your support for basic income. In addition to the above rewards, once activated, I will supply one basic income t-shirt per month to another patron randomly selected each month from the rest of my patrons so that we can all express our support for a basic income guarantee with our amazing sense of fashion.

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