ARTIST $5/Month Rewards

Here's a list of the rewards you can access with your $5/month membership. Once you become a member, you can use the links to access the content.

📹  Access Archive of Slower Painting and Drawing Videos
Get instant access to my Patreon feed where I post monthly videos that are slowed down from their usual time-lapsed pace. Some videos are even in real-time so you can see every brush stroke. I'll even throw in the occasional early release of a new video and some bonus content!

🖼️ Access a Library of Reference Images you can use in your art.

🌲 Instantly access the Premium version of my 5 hour  Landscape Painting Crash Course for FREE!

🗎 Instantly download PDFs: Wacom Express Key Maps PDF, Digital Art Color Guide and Mandalas Digital Coloring Book

🖼️ Real Art Templates Ditch the blank white canvas and download my Real Art Templates that you can use as a starting point for your next painting. The templates simulate a variety of natural media such as pencil, watercolor and thick paint. Each file is a universal PSD format document sized to standard print and frame sizes. The templates are pre-configured with texture overlay layers and canvas toning to make it feel more like you are working traditionally. 

👀   Access to my private Discord server - Make friends with fellow artists, chat about art, share your artwork and be a part of a community on my Discord server.  

 💪 Group Art Challenges Improve your skills by participating in a  monthly art challenge  that will encourage you to try new things. You have the option of  having your artwork featured in a YouTube video at the end of each  challenge.

🤝🏼   Connect with Other Digital Artists
Comment on art and share your work in a private community  of artists from around the world. We welcome artists of all backgrounds  and skill-levels. Our community is a positive place to share and  receive kind and constructive feedback.

❔ Question and Comment Priority
Your questions and comments get priority over the dozens of messages I receive daily. Post your questions here or send me a private message on Patreon.

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