Artist asks, from tumblr!
I thought you guys might enjoy learning a bit about me. So here is what I typed up for some questions I got on tumblr. :) I'll edit the post if I get any more, so check in on it again if you want to see more!

How long have you been drawing?

Over a decade! Ha, makes me sound old…really though I started teaching myself how to draw in middle school and here I am today! Woah! :D

How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

I’d say an hour and half to a couple hours is kind of my average. Usually I never exceed 3 or 4 hours though a day…especially with my tendonitis in my arms that’s a bad idea.

Are you confident about your art?

Yes I am. I have always loved to draw, and yes long ago when I was younger I really wanted the fame and the acknowledgement. Now I draw for me though, and I enjoy the fans that like my work and adore the supporters that hire me or pledge to me on Patreon. Doing art for me and not because I want it to be recognized, although not always an easy mentality to maintain, has really helped my confidence in my art. 

I also REALLY think that doing traditional art only has immensely helped my confidence in my art too. There is no take backs, there is no undo. I just have to STICK WITH THE PIECE and finish it! I like what I draw, it’s cute and floofy! Am I perfect, no. Can I see my flaws in anatomy in pieces, yes. Do I keep going and finish the piece anyways, yes. Will I always strive to do better next time, yes…it’s what keeps me going.

How long does an average piece take you to complete?

Okay so I am a fast worker. Again I think I have my desire to stick with traditional mediums for that. An average piece, let’s say a Cutie Critter piece with no background (something I do a lot of) takes me about 3-4 hours to complete. That’s sketch, ink and wait to dry (usually over night), then color. Portraits take me a bit longer, probably more like 4-5 hours. 

Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

I’ve been only drawing with music lately. Especially upbeat and catchy jams! I have been utilizing the Happy Hits and Confidence Boost playlists on Spotify!