The Artist DOING/BEING Mentorship - An in depth look!

Apr 19, 2019

What is this mentorship all about? Who is it designed for? What is there to get out of it?


  "Where do I begin? Sal's mentorship has had a profoundly positive influence on me, in more ways than I can describe. Because of him, I am more kind to myself, take more risks, and prioritize my dreams. I absolutely credit him with lighting the spark that kindled my career. If you take Sal on as a mentor - and you're willing to put in the work! - I know you'll experience an amazing transformation."  - Julia Harrison

“Cloak is absolutely and unequivocally ruthless, and will stop at nothing to get people to see what they need to see. He is unshakeable and unbreakable with the means to make this tangible.” - Hanakia Zedek

"His art instruction extends beyond the canvas, and into things like composition and storytelling, he doesn’t tell you ‘what’ to do, he shows you how to do what you want to accomplish with your art. Since my art tutoring began, my art has drastically improved, and any discouragement with my own abilities doesn’t fully render me helpless anymore.  He has helped me gain confidence in my art, and has reminded why I got into art in the first place." - MV

"He’s covered a lot of things that haven’t appeared once in my four year college curriculum. In just a few short months of bi weekly meetings, I’ve discovered more about myself and improved as an artist more effectively than my time at university. I’ve gained a vast amount of insight on things like lighting keys, anatomy, value structures, imposter syndrome, and so much more. The things I’ve learned here will be applicable to both my artistic career and the rest of my life. I can’t recommend Artist DOING/BEING Mentorship enough!" - MS

Let's dig in! 


This side of the mentorship tackles the fundamentals and core components of practical art theory to help you create great art. DOING breaks down and covers the essentials, logistics, and technical aspects which you can then apply to your work in order to ‘level up’ the ease, proficiency and quality of the work that you do. Regardless if you do art out of passion, profession, or as a hobby or what medium you work in, be it traditional or digital art.

We will cover aspects such as:
Lighting, composition, values, color, shapes, design and much more.

The DOING mentorship sessions will all be catered individually and personally directly to your artistic and/or career goals, your style, expression and what you love doing, as well as other aspects applicable to the modern digital world such as software tools, social media, studies, observational skills and beyond. 

Together we’ll review your portfolio, works in progress, as well as analyzing your favorite artists and works to find the threads which have the most meaningful influence on you, your goals, aspirations, and the work that you do and the work that you want to accomplish.

Additionally, I will also help you work through creative block, motivation, and other bumps that are typical in the road of the artist - which brings us to...


Here, we will dive into the depths of your Self to answer and uncover “Who is your greatest Nemesis?”. In addition to THE DOING mentorship, you will receive tools, training, and guidance to help you discover more about what you already know, more about what you don’t know… and the treacherous void of what you don’t know that you don’t know.

“Knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle

We will thoroughly break down and examine the parallels of doing what an artist does and how the BEING affects not only the work you do, but the overall results, payoff, satisfaction, and effectiveness of being an artist

Together, we will take off the kid gloves and tackle the truth of You. The breakthroughs you will attain will give you a clear view on how these subconscious patterns and behaviors affect and influence one another and the impact that has on your effectiveness as an artist, an individual and your overall self in everyday life.

“Sooner or later you’re going to realize just as I did that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” - Morpheus

In other words, you will gain the tools and self-knowledge so that together we can hunt down and slay the personal demons known as creative block, impostor syndrome, lack of motivation, and many others which keep you from fully BEING.

Cloak’s Mission

My mission with the Artist DOING/ BEING Mentorship is to help you recognize the rock that you can be for yourself, so that you can focus on what is in front of you - whether it is an empty canvas, situations, other people and whatever else life throws at you - directly rather than what is in your head about it.

“When I approached Sal for help I was in one of the darkest, most challenging cycles of my life. Through months of poignant discourse Sal allowed me to see what I needed to see so that I could pull myself out of my dire circumstances. His techniques showed me that everything I sought answers to were simply inside me, just waiting to be unearthed.” - JA

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a therapist. This program isn't a replacement for therapy/ counseling. When you sign up at the Mentorship level, I'll contact you for us to schedule our first session  which serves as an interview where we can get to know each other and plan the content & purpose of your mentorship using my designed methodology.


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