Artist Reference photos coming soon!!
It's amazing the things you have time to think about when you're on vacation!! I'm sitting here in my old bedroom at my parents house in Southern California brainstorming. It's vacation! I don't have to get out of bed! haha

Anyway, I've wanted to come up with new things to offer to you guys, plus I've had some requests for higher tier rewards. My $5000/month goal has been to upgrade my entire studio set up. The thing is, I've already been doing this since patreon started, and will always continue to do so. This doesn't seem like such an exciting thing for you guys then, especially not at a milestone like $5000! 

So my new milestone goal is to upgrade my DSLR camera and lenses. Why do you care? Because I'm going to start sharing many of the photos I take with you to use in your own artwork! This will include still life AND wildlife!! I have the Dallas zoo near me. I will be getting a season pass there, plus I will likely make some trips to the Fort Worth zoo, and the aquarium to get photos for us.  

I will probably set up the number of photos I release based on tier. A certain amount for $4/month pledges, more for the $9/month and even more for one tier higher.