Artist Spotlight: Fred Perry and Jason Wages
Just realized I missed the last couple of Saturday Artist Spotlights. O_O Oops! Tryin' to stay on top of those so y'all can see ALL the art. 

This great piece is another one by Fred Perry of Gold Digger.  Not sure why Kirwan's hair is the way it is, but I really love how dynamic the poses are in this one, especially how it almost looks like Bensaret is protecting him.  Bensaret hasn't yet learned to keep his tail clear of Envie. She has a tendency to snap off the end for a little snack, no matter how much it makes him cry.

Jason colored this one and I really love the textures on Bensaret and the special effects he added to Kirwan's staff. Envie is blue because this was her EverQuest coloring and it was before my decision that she would be a goblin and therefore green. 

But, the real question is why is Kirwan hangin' out with these two?  All three have completely different alignments. Well, we'll just have to wait and see, huh? ^_~