Artist Spotlight: Fred Perry/Jason Wages
I was just colorin' on the picture of Olethros I've been workin' on and realized I haven't done an Artist Spotlight for this month yet! 

Here is another fantastic artwork by Fred Perry.  He did the line work and Jason did the spectacular job of coloring (and pilin' up the orc bodies).  

As I color, I am really havin' a difficult time choosin' an overall color for Olethros' clothes.  I really like this greenish color, but part of me thinks she should wear a wine color. I'm afraid that will be too much red as her hair is auburn and she has a red tattoo.  I could do all browns and cream because she wears leather in the beginning, but that could be dyed any color really. What color do you think suits her personality best? 

 Drawing  by Fred Perry | Color by Jason Wages