Artist Spotlight -- The Forge Studios
Another group of artists and cartographers that I came across last autumn, The Forge is one of my favorites! Based out of Poland, and represented by Maciej Zagorski, Pawel Dobosz, and Robert Rudnicki -- TFS has a grim, atmospheric style that I love, and I think will be perfect for my upcoming projects. While their maps will certainly find a place here, it is the artwork they produce that will shine in the future of this Project. In fact, I intend to ask The Forge Studios do all of the artwork for the project when we move forward in that direction. The Forge has an incredible amount of material for sale on RPGNow. They also have 2 Patreons -- The Forge Studios, and The Forge Studios RED -- both of which I support. Take a few minutes when you have a chance to take a look. Very cool stuff! Thanks.