Artists who influence my work - Michelangelo
I went to college in NYC. In a small grotto in a restaurant I no longer remember the name or address for, was a scale sized replica of Michelangelo's David. I recall visiting the restaurant on a regular basis, not to eat, but to get a close look at the workmanship of the statue. (I don't think I was ever in the restaurant, actually. I think it was priced way above student affordability.)

Even as a student in high school, I was enamored with the strong sense of presence Michelangelo gave the people in his works, both 2 and 3D.

He was not only an artist, but also an architect. And true to the ideal of a Renaissance man, he had interest in other areas as well, specifically mechanical development and writing, in particular, poetry.

In my teens and early twenties I made many studies of his works. They were pitiful renditions to be blunt, but served their purpose to inform my style in the practices of one of the greatest of all the Renaissance artist in art history. Although in the last decade, because of my focus on children's literature illustration, my style morphed to caricature rather than true realism, I still love the technical ability to sculpture the physical body with style and precision that is found in Michelangelo's works.

My recent return to life drawing sessions is reminding me of this lost love. If one is going to aim high, one might as well aim for greatness. I doubt I will ever achieve such skill, but the joy is in the journey.