Hey guys! So, as I said before, I've got a table at Constant Con, and it's been giving me more time to work on my myriad projects. Sometimes it's crochet while talking Batman for two and a half hours, sometimes it's cartooning with Hector, and still more time of me and music and GIMP. I'm learning a lot from everyone -- better shading techniques, focus tactics, editing, printing, pricing, prioritizing -- and it's already having a big impact on how I draw. But it's discouraging being around so many freakishly talented artists -- I know I'm good, but I just don't have the experience everyone else does! I feel like the freshman hanging out with seniors. But I'm trying my damnedest. I'm still working on Ozzy, but I've also got some fanart I've kicked out in the past week, which I'm putting up on deviantArt, so go ahead and check that out! I'm also working on my tarot deck some more -- I kicked out two more cards in study, and sketched another one. I was a dummy and didn't bring my laptop charger so I couldn't do the art for it, but I did some study on my work computer. Even Dropbox didn't want to work for me! But... it's been a very rough three weeks for me. I get this Con thing going, and Jojo leaves me for the weekend, and I miss her when she's gone, rightfully so. And after that... It all kind of went to hell. I realize all the time I've spent working overnights at Jack have pulled us apart. My marriage... is over, at the very least for now. I'm raw, broken, and hurting more than I can say. I've broken down and cried more times than I care to admit, gotten into fights at work and at Con... Not to mention home. I'm a wreck right now. So to open up the cards again and find I'm on the 8 of Cups... It hits me hard, man. So many times, I've worked on this project, hit a roadblock, and come back to it to find the card that speaks to what I'm going through. I'm sure that this deck is going to change lives, if I can finish it. No... -when- I can finish it. So many people don't appreciate what it means to me, but... You know what? It doesn't matter what they say. It's my art, not theirs. I'm still a student, one with grand ambitions and big projects, and I don't need someone making me second guess myself. I have to build that armor, right? That self confidence. And inner peace. Looks like I'm going to have to grow some, because boy, do I need it. Thank you for supporting me through this. I appreciate it more than you know.