Artwork added to the store
Busy week for Tales of Piecora:
  • Chapter 6: Sky Pillar Forest was released.
  • Chapters 1-6 have been compiled into a single .pdf. It is free to all Patrons.
  • A ton of artwork has just been made available for everyone...
    Patrons get 50% off.

Artwork includes chapter paintings and portraits as well as promotional paintings and even a few of the interior illustrations from chapters 1 and 2 while we were doing the horizontal format.

We plan on updating the gallery regularly with new works each month.

The gallery is here:

So go check it out and grab something for yourself or buy a beautiful gift for someone to let them know you're thinking of them. Again, Patrons receive 50% off so sign up, take advantage of that, and receive each monthly chapter in our first tale, Lair of the Omen Storm.