Artwork Commission Feedback
Hey all! Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll last year about the art that I want to commission. Pretty unanimously it seem like I'll find something from Claire's fattening journey that will be great to have someone illustrate. At this point I would love some more feedback and suggestions from you all.  My next step is to pick an artist to do this commission. I've never commissioned any art before, but I've certainly come across artist who do commissions. So please help me pick an artist.

One of my favorite artist on DeviantArt is PoundforPoundCake, but he's more known for comic strips, which I'm not sure is what I'd like to see for our first commission. Kastemel is also a favorite of mine, but I'm not sure how open for commissions he would be, although he's done some in the past. Just rapid fire some other name I can come up with off the top of my head; Woot, JayTee (more known for morphs), or maybe Aloysius Reed. 

What do you guys think of these artists? Are there any other artists that you love that take commissions? Please leave a comment with your thoughts since this is not only for me, but for you patrons as well.