Artworks 2018!
Coming up on Thursday, May 10, Arts Gowanus will be having it's annual fundraiser in support of the arts in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  

As many of you know, I live in Brooklyn just on the Park Slope edge of Gowanus, and my painting studio was in Gowanus for many years.  So I'm very pleased to be donating a painting to the fundraiser!  Check out the video above in which I very briefly describe the painting and the event, and read on for more details.

About the Event:  On May 10th, 75 works by local artists will be shown during an exciting evening at Shapeshifter Lab. The event will be a combination of art exhibition, chance to mingle with local artists, yummy food and drink and best of all everyone will go home with an original artwork.

Tickets are limited so please go to the link below and get your ticket now. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to support the fantastic work of Arts Gowanus.

To preview some of the artworks you can choose from, go here:

About the painting:  Created in early 2013, Res botanical #10 (Goldenthread) is oil on canvas, and is 20x20".  It is the same format as my Lifeworld series, although not officially a part of that series.  The painting was inspired by photographs I took in the mountains of West Virginia of a very beautiful wildflower commonly known as Goldenthread (Coptis trifolia).  I'm pleased to be donating this painting to Arts Gowanus, and very happy that it will thus find a new home!  Until I hand it over to the event organizers,  it's hanging out in my living room.

It sure adds a lot to the space! I almost don't want to give it up!